Seminar: Dimensioning Barrier Films for Food Packaging

Perishable foods need packaging materials with tailored barrier properties to preserve the quality of the food product. Depending on the particular food to be packed the requirements on barrier materials can be very demanding, but there may also be cases where selective permeability is needed.
Correctly dimensioning the barrier characteristics required is a key element in guaranteeing product quality and shelf life. However, materials with higher barrier properties tend to be the most expensive. As a result, our challenge is to calculate the right level of barrier protection for the food in order to ensure an appropriate balance of product protection and cost effectiveness.
The seminar will present the key considerations in arriving at the most suitable specification for the barrier material. Participants will explore the fundamentals of food requirements regarding food type specific barrier properties including a range of packaging concepts based on modern technologies used in manufacturing packaging film. The seminar has been designed for the packaging developers, R&D staff working for packaging film manufacturers and for food producers, packers and distributers.




9:00 - 12:30 

Food Packaging Fundementals
• Packaging: functions and interactions
 The mechanisms of food deterioration
 Factors impacting food quality (light, oxygen, moisture etc.)
 Barrier effect of packaging - quantifying and characterising the properties
 Reasons and consequences of  unsuitable packaging selection
Food Packaging Materials I

 Overview of plastic packaging materials and their (barrier) properties (PP, PE, PA, PET etc.)
 Manufacturing process and its impact on barrier properties (co-extrusion, lamination & coating)


12:30 - 13:30 



13:30 - 15:30 

Food Packaging Materials II - correctly specifying and selecting packaging film for food
 Criteria for choosing the right packaging for the barrier protection needed
 Which material and material combination for which barrier?
 Organic and inorganic barrier layers
 New packaging approaches for longer shelf-life (anti-microbial and active packaging)

15:30 - 18:00

Case Studies - The stages in correctly defining the requirements and selecting the packaging material for foodstuffs
 Identifying and calculating the appropriate barrier properties required for meat, fish, dairy, fresh produce and snacks





Markus Schmid holds a Diploma in Food Technology and a Masters in Food Processing from the University of Applied Sciences Fulda. Since working at the Fraunhofer Institut for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) he has specialized in the field of materials for food packaging and bio-based materials. In addition he is head of “Food Innovations” an engineering office providing consulting services for the food processing and food packaging sector.




October 18th 2016



IPI International Packaging Institute , Schaffhausen






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