IPI Seminars

Do you need an overview of the packaging sector? Are you looking for specific knowledge in packaging technology? The IPI Seminars will develop your knowledge and put you in touch with leading practitioners and academics. IPI will help whether you are new to the sector as well as if you are experienced and need to update your knowledge of specific aspects of the packaging industry.


IPI International Packaging Institute offers an wide range of seminars, each covering a specific packaging topic. Our portfolio ranges from one-day seminars to comprehensive 6-day seminars on Packaging Materials and on Packaging Machinery.


The IPI Seminars take place at our training facility in an historic building located in the old town quarter of Schaffhausen. The Haberhaus provides an excellent environment for training and networking with colleagues from the sector and is within easy reach of Zurich Airport, Schaffhausen railway station and the autobahn network.


Tailor-made Seminars


The IPI International Packaging Institute, through its extensive experience and network, has developed professional development courses to suit the needs of packaging manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and participants throughout the entire supply chain. Whether you are a small company, looking to understand more about packaging, or a multi-national with vast experience, we will tailor a course to suit your needs.
Choose from a limited 1 day basic introduction course to an in-depth multi-module program.


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